Sunday, 22 September 2013

More Delage, fewer wheels....

The chassis for the 2LCV has now been run, and is to now come apart for a few modifications and improvements.

Work on the body is due to start over the next few weeks and is expected to take just as long as the chassis, completion next year sometime.

Wheels; A full range is no longer being kept in stock, and wheels will now only be made where there is some expectation that all will be used or sold.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

More Delage, more wheels more etc.

Work on the Delage continues, the intention/hope being that the running chassis will be completed before the cold months arrive.

With the chassis rails completed (and roughly set up in the picture) the next stage will be to align the chassis and solder the cross tubes.
The rear axle will be mounted in ball bearings, the motor will be mounted about amid-ships and the front axle is still in the planning.

Wheels. All wheels are now being done in batches, my intentions of stocking all sizes having been totally abandoned due to costs.
A limited number of wheels types are still available, as shown on the website.

The planned new wheels are still to be made, though may now be delayed.

It seems that some contributors cannot contribute due to the inability to log on. Queries might be addressed to Graham on GP Miniatures on Facebook.