Monday, 8 August 2011

A little more on wheels.

Contrary to my expectations, the latest drawing is now with the etching company, we are both making checks after which the go-ahead will be given.

The next stage is trying to decide which wheels should take priority, a complicated issue to a degree.

The new Alfa Borrani 19" types will be the first out as the press tools are already made and the rims and centres already in stock.

Next up will be the Mercedes/Auto Union where a similar situation exists, but new wheel centres must be made.

Thus comes the sad bit where I must order up a large number of turned parts. I will probably look at getting all expected parts made at the same time as price per part will be just a little lower.

As an advance on the earlier wheels, many of the new types will include extra parts such as brake drums and (in the case of the Austin), backplates.

The picture of the ERA wheel is included because this may well be the second of the wheels available.

Also being made are steering knuckles, made specifically for beam axle cars. new orders from those who have previously ordered wheels (and paid) will receive a set free of charge.


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