Monday, 12 December 2011

Improvements and the future.

A few steps are now being taken to make improvements, with the results of the first of these steps shown in the picture below. The Talbot Lago rear wheel now has one of the first new early Borrani wheel nuts. I little thought went into this since it was obvious that even when they were new, these nuts had varying lengths of the 'ears. It was therefore decided to go for one of the shorter variations since these would obviously be rather stronger.

As with the earlier nuts, these come as bare castings, and are all machined on the front faces. The nut in the picture has had a light polish, and once I find some decent buffs, I'll try for a concours standard.

Early next year a few improvements on existing wheels will be made, the intention being to cover almost all 30's to 50's wheels, with perhaps a few from the 60's.

Efforts are now being made to tie up the project. The success of the ERA wheels has prompted the compliation of a couple of 'budget' wheel sets to use up excess parts on a couple of generic wheel sets with an expected cost of £22 including tyres.

The final part of the project will be the 'see through' wheels shown on Slot Forum some while back. The cost unfortunately means that only wheel rims, hubs and spoke etches will be supplied, thus alas limiting appeal to those with modest lathe access who can modify supplied parts and made other parts to suit.

My intention is now to continue making perhaps a maximum of 10 different wheels with the (very) occasional re-run of other types if there is a demand.


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