Thursday, 12 January 2012

Austin Twin Cam - George Turner Models

Another car completed.

The GTM Twin Cam has been on the go for some while and is at last finished except for a few tweaks here and there. Full testing on a decent track takes place later this month.

Construction is pretty well standard, using Scalextric motor, guide, rear axle, contrate etc.

The front axle is 1/16" and runs in a 3/32" outer tube, which in turn has a locating spigot. The axle has a little rock in addition to the 1/32" vertical movement.

The wheels are my own of course, and are prototypes for another somewhat limited issue.

Tyres at the front are Grahams G.P.Miniatures examples, sanded down to give a suitable diameter. The rears are tyres made for me, very soft and very grippy, these were originally made to suit the ERA in a harder compound. I had softer ones made as well and am glad I did.


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