Monday, 30 April 2012


This is one of George Turners kits for which I have been waiting for years. Martin of course was working on one when this came out. Most things are pretty well spot on, though some detailing seems a little oversize. I'll have to measure up sometime.
All the mouldings were good clean examples, minimal pinholes and whilst the castings were scrubbed before painting, I doubt they needed it. The screen frames were done with bare metal foil which I think was a waste of time.

The livery is actually wrong for this particular car. Too many replica cars around, this it seems is a combination of 1968/1969 liveries. The chassis is the resin one which came with the kit, the wheels modified Scalextric to take the Scaley GT40 tyres. I was pursuaded to build a car for magnet use on my newish Scaley track, what a waste, no fun at all.

I have two more of these kits to build, one will be an accurate model of this car, the other will be an out and out racer, modelled after the present V8 MGB's which take part in the MGB/C/V8 Championship.


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