Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Here are a couple of old projects which are now back on the table. The Aston DB2 is being dressed as the 1950 Le mans car of Abecassis and Macklin. It is by no means my favourite shape of Aston That's a close thing between the DBR series and the Project cars) but it was a successful car and is happily still with us today.

The body is Ocar, or should it be Ocar copy. The rear end looks kind of wrong, rear screen too low, wing line too low. generally ok though. I've lost the grille, so must make another, the earlier vertical slatted example found on only the very early cars. The chassis is from Slot Classic, so much better than the PCS copies, a bit more expensive, but the gears line up. GMC do a good package for a good price.

Originally made for the DB3, the wheels are also fine for the DB2, or the early ones at least

The other car back on the table is the TVR Griffith 400. The original of course is something of a paradox, highly sought after today, when new the quality was bad and the reliability abysmal. I'd love one!
The Ocar body on which this model was based is equally bad with symmetry totally out of the window. This was helped when a 4mm section was removed to obtain the correct Griffith wheelbase from the original Vixen model. A few other lesser mods have also been made including a couple of piano wire strengtheners bonded in over the rear wheel arch.

The body was completely lacking in any form of rear mountings, so epoxy ones were cast in. Again, a Slot Classic chassis has been used.


The wheels are Scaley Lotus 7 (?), which are pretty accurate for a 15" wheel. These were machined to accept my Scaley urethane Sharknose rears, with standard Scaley up front. All need a little sanded off the diameter.


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