Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The wheel project has now passed its peak and is settling down to a somewhat reduced range. The 15" wheels are now effectively history and most 16" wheels will shortly follow.

Larger sized wheels will progress, with new wheels for bothEuropean and Indy cars with a pleasing increase in accuracy.

Plenty going on otherwise. A modest interest in racing has led to an improved George Turner MGC, as per the pictures. 


I did one of these cars a while back, but for a car I much admire, it needed a little more. A conversion was thus decided upon, and as one who is pleased with the Slot it productions, I went for a Slot it chassis, complete but slightly modified. GT is of course doing a Clubman version now, this car will be raced against such a car rnext month.


No great changes made except for the rear axle. The 312PB chassis used was just a little wide, so special wheels were in order. 

All is now looking good. The first tests are over and are satisfactory, the body now has colour, more in due course. 


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