Thursday, 9 September 2010

No more Goodwood....

Let's have a few different pictures, not that I dislike the Zagato at Goodwood pics.
Two topics, no, actually three.
The first is a Triumph TR4, based on the airfix TR4A and inspired by the works cars, in particular, the 1963 Monte spec. The kit is a modest representation, but by no means accurate.
This model was started over three years ago!

The wheels are inevitably my own, the tyres are Airfix.
The 'Surrey top' is the worst part, the rear screen should not be wrap-around. The spare is a backless version using original wheel components where minimal strength is required.

The chassis is nothing special, but as ever, tries out a few ideas. I didn't want to weaken the chassis plate by mounting the motor close to the axle, thus introducing a narrow section. Thus the motor shaft was extended to about the same length as the Scaley FF. Lower power though, so it should last longer...
The next item is a plaything whilst awaiting Marlons' 'Tank' Bugatti, not the Le mans car, but the original T32 car which ran at Tours. I just HAD to do a set of wheels to suit, and here they are.
So, what comes last. nothing special, but like all scratchbuilders I must always improve on a subject if possible. I have two Revell (Matchbox) Auto Unions in limbo, but when Bigblock ordered a set of wheels for his own AU, I had to improve the part, with the following picture showing the result. The AU (and Merc) used flanged ally rims, with both having distinctive knock on nuts. Yes, Merc nuts are on the drawing board.

The tyre O/D is about 24mm.
Unfortunately I now feel the need one day to do one with correct spoke patterns......

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  1. oooooooh God ....exactly what I like .....
    fabulous job . Thanks a lot Peter !!

    Olivier ( logged as charles , I can't explain why ??!!!...)