Thursday, 23 September 2010

Where are all the 'vintage' scratchbuilders?

Vintage scratch stuff seems to have slowly gone, with 'Slot Forum' scratchbuilding at a bit of a low, such that it is barely worth logging in.
A few words please gents (& indeed ladies) as to what you are doing!

Marlon, how go your ongoing projects? I still await the Bugatti Tank and the 12C Alfa. Quality versions of both of these cars are much needed and as time permits, I will make an effort to show such cars. Your products are not seen enough in the forums though I note that a few of your cars are on eBay at present

Graham! I know there have been delays, but the website is still way out of date, with the Zagato, the best kit to date, still not listed. Any progress on the proposed 250GT

Martin, is the Kieft from Tom on the FPF site yet?

Are all you chaps taking a break?

It is always good to see little bits of progress here and there, however trivial they may seem.

Best intentions, Peter

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