Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Taffys P3

Hi Taffy.

I assume the nickname is related to Mike Hawthorn name for Wolfgang Von Tripps?

The Alfa in the picture driven by Carraciola is an 8C Monza. Rudi did in fact race a P3 during his time with Scuderia Ferrari.

Incidentally, I note that the 1/32 Scratchbuilt Slotcar Forum on my web page at least comes with a translation option, so try it everyone!

I like the car and as ever will make a few comments.

Later P3 Alfas did in fact have hydraulic brakes. These were introduced in 1935 with the Dubonnet independant suspension.

I tried to get a Mac pinches body but he no longer does them. I am working on a P3 body now and then.

As with other efforts, I like the finish of the car. A friend tells me all my cars look far too clean!

Ah, Bugatti wheels?

My own Alfa wheels are almost ready with final work under way. I hope I will be putting some sets together over the Christmas period. This is the prototype wheel. Production examples will be almost identical.

Like other wheels to date, the diameter is correct at 19", the number of spokes is correct and the pattern of the spokes is also correct. I'll post more details when I have all the parts.


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  1. Hi, Peter,

    my nickname...its a long story...dates back to my active online gaming times, when I played a game called "Grand Prix Legends" in the years 2000-2004. The people I played with, thought, that they could find some paralleles to Count Trips in my personality and "Taffy" was born. And I "drove" a Ferrari in this game. It was the first nick name after thirty years..

    Thank you for your information about Caracciolas Alfa, I thought, it would be a P2. But you are right, its an 8C.
    Here is a link to a really mad guy, who thinks, a 1/8-Pocher kit is only a basic kit to create a good "muletto". Sorry, its a german forum again, but scroll through the 14 sites and look at the pics, its great!

    Well, Bugatti wheels....
    In this diameter, I knew no other wheels, especially with a frontal steering axle, when I started to build the car (several years ago) So I took them for this Alfa and for some other cars, too. Running on the track, it doesn´t look to bad.
    If I would build it again, I would ask you for the right wheels ;-)

    I like the MacPinches kits very much and fortunately, I could buy some before the production stopped. They will give me some happy scratchbuild-evenings the next years...

    Your wheels look very fine! What will be the cost for a set of four?