Sunday, 19 December 2010

Peter Seager-Thomas's wheels.

Some of you will have seen Peters wheels as they've developed over the last few months, and I think you'll agree that they are probably the best of their type around. They have been developed mainly because Peter felt that there was a gap in the market for something a little better than was already on offer. I tend to agree as everything else out there either falls short or are too blingy. Peters main aim was to produce a limited number mainly for his own use, with any remander going on Ebay. The thought of these little jewels vanishing I felt would be a shame, so I offered to take over production as they were just too good to let go. They will be available in a day or two from the GP-Miniatures website along with suitable tyres and spinners, or as some call them, wheel nuts.
The photo below shows the wheels in kit form. Four wheel rims, which are two part items, eight photo-etched spokes, one inner and one outer per wheel, hubs, spinners and tyres. An instruction sheet for assembly is also included, although I have to say that the thought Peter has put into them, means that they really are very simple and quick to put together.

The wheels shown are fifteen inch diameter and will be joined very soon by a sixteen inch version. The finishing touch to any model and one that will guarantee to lift it to another level.

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