Thursday, 6 January 2011

Well, at long last the first of the Borrani wheels. These are 19" types as used on the later 6C 1750 and some of the the 8C2300 Alfas.
The image below shows, (top row) primed wheels, (second row) wheels ready for primer and (bottom row) wheel rims and centres.

These wheels are a variation of those already made, though it must be said, rather more complex, and not suited to those who will not double check before cutting or gluing.
This second image shows pretty well what is involved in a kit, from LHS, centres, hubs, outer spacers, rims and etches. Earlier wheels had two spoke etches running from the hub to the outer rim. These new wheels have the etches running to outer and inner rim in addition to the wheel well, and thus the two outer spacers are required.

Below are shown the etches again, together with the new conical hubs.

This latest wheel is, unlike the earlier ones, fairly limited and thus only about 10 sets will be available. If interested in wheels or further information, please contact direct or via Graham.

The turned wheel parts will also be used for the soon to come 8C Alfa 29oo wheels and to a lesser degree the Auto Union/Mercedes GP wheels, and later the other projected 19" wheels.

The 'modular' idea is perhaps slowly coming together.


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