Monday, 31 January 2011

Things seem a little quiet at present, so a modest entry so that visitors do not think the blog is not worth a visit.
The first image is nothing of great interest, unless of course MG's, in particular MGA's are your thing. This is a static, built some 30+ years ago. The kit was Lindberg, re-issued since in the 80's by Lindberg, since then by 'Traffic' (are they still going) and more recently by Ocar, but only in coupe form. The kit was originally released by Monogram in the early 60's, not only as a static, but as a full slot car kit.

The second picture shows the results of the recent better weather, though whether I dare attempt colour during the next dry spell is another matter. 8 resin bodies, 2 polystyrene.

Top left to right are an almost standard Ocar DB3S, a re-vamped Revell XK120, a previously featured progressed much modded Ocar TVR Vixen, now a Griffith, a pretty standard Monogram Ferrari 275P and last a standard Ocar MK II Jag.

Second row is (blotchy) PP Mercedes 154/163, FF Models Lotus Elite, 'French' Alfa Bimotore much modded, MMK (Costin) Lister Jaguar and Ocar TR 59/60 Ferrari.

The 275p is the most recent car in the real world which says something about my tastes.

I did a DB3S about a year ago, this was sold. This one is to keep. it was meant to feature correct wheels, but as yet I have not worked out how to do it.

XK120. Started over 2 years ago to 'model' my first etched wheels. It will probably also 'model' the first proper XK wheels.

The Griffith was a brute of a car, and will be a similar slot car.

The 275P is the 4th I have done, though should have correct wheels for the first time.

The Jag Mk II is a replica of that once owned by a friend.

The Mercedes was bought for two reasons, one to see what a PP car is like, the second as a 'model' for the forthcoming Mercedes/Auto Union wheels. The blotchiness is caused by a light coat of black over the primer to assist in rubbing down.

The Elite is just a car I like, so when Martin did the re-vamp of the Supershells car, I had to have one. This will be built as intended, as a Le Mans car.

Alfa Bimotore. An awful body from France, much modded with more mods due. Bought to model the Alfa wheels.

Lister Jag. One of the first racing cars I remember. No other reason needed!

TR59/60. Probably the best looking series of Ferraris made.

All projected builds for this year, together with a few others. Busy year?


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  1. What would be the chance of you sharing the file to the Dunlop Bridge you drew up?