Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wire Wheels.

Well after a very long gestation period, i'm pleased to say that i'm now fairly happy with my version of Borannis fabulous wire wheels.The development of these things has taken around six years off an on as funds have allowed.The original idea was to design the internal parts, ie the spokes and discs, to fit a modified BWA rim, in particular the very narrow, "skinny" item that was one of the last introduced by Al Penrose. Al worked very closely with me and redesigned the wheel to my specification only to announce his retirement twelve months later. Back to the drawing board!
The only solution was to find a company in the UK who could do a similar job and eventually a machining company was found. After a fairly lengthy wait the required wheels were delivered and a complete set built up The photograph above shows the result. The tyres are recasts of all the skinny items found on various Scalextric models with a scale appearance being the priority. Cast is a soft resin, not only do they look good, but i'm told they have much better grip than the originals.The initial lot are offered in the three sizes shown above, but this will be expanded to six very soon. The first batch have been designed as disc braked items, but i'm also working on a drum braked version too, allowing a much wider range of cars to be fitted. A two eared spinner is also offered as a further option. Clicking on the picture will give a close view.

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