Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Latest wire wheels.

At long last things are coming together with regard to the latest wheel offerings. The wheel in question is the Mercedes and Auto Union 19" wheel.

The existing 19" turned wheel parts are used with the exception of some special spacers which have been turned up on the Myford.

The etches, again drawn up on AutoCAD, have has a subtle change to a couple of tolerances, just a couple of thou, which has resulted in less fettling during assembly. Simple cleaning up of the tab attachment points permits an excellent fit, rather than the previous dressing with a file which was required.

The above wheel is from a restored W154/163 Mercedes. I have studied a vast number of pictures and it really gets difficult deciding what is wrong and what is right. Contemporary photo's suggest the wheel nut is correct, but I have seen at least one picture of a restored 154 type, and one of an original, showing wheel nuts with HANDED ears that I assume parts were used as required. Such nuts seem to have been standard fitting for the W25.

Here is the new 1/32 scale wheel, with the 'earlier' nut. A look at the first picture shows the drums to have holes in, emphasised by the brake shoes etc. The model wheel also has drums with holes in, barely discernable. I'll perhaps try a lighter paint.

Pictures of the Auto Union wheel will appear soon, togther hopefully with the newest 19" Borrani.

Unfortunately all of the Mercedes/Auto Union wheels are now spoken for.


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