Sunday, 9 October 2011

Progress has advanced at an increasing pace, alas with a detrimental effect on other projects. Never mind.

As a compliment to the Mercedes wheels shown in the last post are those for the Auto Union, in particular the 'D'Type. It appears however that all cars used similar types, the main variation being diameter.

The image above shows a front R/H wheel from a restored 'D' type. These cars have the distinctive knock-ons, with the black (?) ears and aluminium centres. I have tried to replicate these as shown in the images below.

All wheels of this type are now spoken for. Apologies to those who have missed out.

Also using the same basic rims are the wheels for the Alfa 8C. this is a 72 spoke version of the 60 spoke 6C wheel made earlier. Wheels of both types are still available.

Work is now progressing swiftly on other wheel types with orders for parts shortly to be made.

ERA 'B' Type. One set not yet spoken for.

Talbot Lago. 13 sets spoken for, 13 sets available. These come with brake drums with either 6 or 8 holes.

Alfetta, with brake drums. plenty left.

Austin Twin Cam, brake drums and front backplates, picture soon? Plenty left.

BRM V16. Alas sold out immediately.


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