Monday, 20 February 2012

Production at last....

Having waited a long while for machined parts, they are at last with me and I am thus slowly finishing machining parts and making up wheel kits, whilst at the same time trying to find time to build up a few sets of wheels for my own use.
One of the long overdue 'new' wheels is that for the primarily the Alfetta 158/9, as shown in the picture below.

This wheel, like most is to some degree a compromise, as there were many different wheels fitted to this type of car.
The illustrated wheels are a scale 18" both front and rear, and feature 3 rows of 24 spokes. The front rims are 5mm wide, the rears are 6mm wide. The tyres are those I had made, and will soon be supplied direct from the manufacturer, though I will continue to supply tyres with wheel sets if requested to.

Also for Alfetta are alternative 60 spoke wheels (3 x 20 spokes) and for rear fixing only, 17" (x6mm) wheels, also with 60 spokes.

Decent pictures in the future.....


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