Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Last of the DBRs.

The DBR1 was the first serious model I worked on. Reworked from the re-issued early Scalectric bodyshell, the shape was not bad. The fact that it was a little over scale has always irritated me a little and if it was photographed alongside any of the other Astons, it's size would become apparent.

So i've made the decision to delete it from the range. I had a dozen or so shells left and decided to built up three to represent the tean cars that ran at Le Mans in 1958. The paint on the first DBR1 was totally incorrect being California Sage. These three will be painted Ford Forest Green which looks much more like it.

The photographs show one of the cars dry fitted with a few details and a test of the decals. Hence the wrong number.

All three cars will be fitted with a front mounted motor in a nickel silver photo etched chassis. They are now sold and will be going to a collector.


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