Friday, 14 May 2010

Ferrari x 3

Ferrari cars have no special meaning for me, or should I say, no more than any other favoutites. I think I have about 10 to build, here are 3 in progress.

Nearest camera is a Monogram/MRRC 275P, though details suggest it is actually a 250P from 1963. Finish will be approximating to the '63 Le Mans winner. The detailing on these models is fine, if not particularly accurate, but then for 1965 it is superb. I particularly like the decals supplied with these kits, ultra thin self adhesive with a good satin finish. Most cars I do have satin paint.

Next is an MMK Monza which will be built as no particular car. I do like the shape and find an increasing fascination with the '50's Ferrari. This body is everything a resin shell should be. I filled one pinhole. I would guess that thickness varies between 2-3mm except for the front end (and to a lesser extent the rear) where the undercut from the valences are filled, both improving strength in these exposed areas, and of course, making moulding simpler. I know some like their shells thin, but I prefer a balance, thin around the windows especially, and perhaps around the wheel arches, though the latter of course are usually easy enough to do after manufacture.

Furthest from the camera is a Barchetta. These cars are confusing, but I think the original (Revell) model was intended as a 340? I'm really not sure. Whatever, this car has been modded as a 166MM. The chassis breaks away from my usual platform or shaped types, and is a channel section with front mounted motor, which works quite well. The wheels and tyres are Scaley Maserati, the guide is my usual MRRC. I'll probably post some more pictures of the finished car on the Slot Forum.

This Monza is built to sell, the second I bought will be kept. As is often the case in my builds these days, an eBay listing will be an advert to promote my wheel parts. The 166 is one of three kits I have, the second has already been started. The third and last will be kept, and might be converted to the beautiful beast shown on the Forum recently.

250P? I think I have three left. One had a paint hic-cup, and will be my doner to make a 196P, one will be kept as standard, the other sold.

So many cars, so few days each week.....

Is it just me, or do paragraph/photo spacings on the composing window bear but a passing resemblance to those on the preview window?


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