Friday, 28 May 2010

Ferrari 166MM

Well that's one down and two to go.

The 166MM was finished a few days ago and will help pay for the wheel rims I hope to have made in the near future.
It all worked out ok in the end. I made a few mods to increase the amount of interior detail.
These models are amazing. Not 100% accurate, but very well moulded with excellent detail, and all in 1955. When I think of some of the subsequent car models from other manufacturers, I do wonder what happened.

The screen frame and mountings are the ones which came with the kit. The nose has had a few subtle mods. The wheels are good old Scalextric, tyres are Airfix/MRRC, knock-on nuts are my two eared Borranis in whitemetal.

The tail was chopped about a fair bit after filling in from behind, with rear lights moving from wings to boot lid. One of the many good features of the model are the panel shut lines, nice and narrow, though they have been made a little deeper. Far more natural then thinned down black paint and a 1mm gap!

The transfers/decals are from Steve Ward at Penelope Pitlane, easy to use and good value.

The rear lamps are a combination of some self adhesive lenses I found and self adhesive aluminium tape. I think Pendles have similar lenses at £1 for four. I have some for a great deal less! Red, amber and clear.

I was originally going to do a normal motor fixing and fit a tonneau cover, but then decided to do a front motor, more work, but worth the effort. The Mabuchi I have used is an all metal can type with 2mm tappings for mounting purposes.

As mentioned in an earlier post, a change in format to my usual platform or beaten chassis'. The narrow chassis however precluded the fitting of body mounts in my preferred points, behind the front wheels. The front pair of screws are for the motor, the rear pair for the pinion shaft bearing mount. The drive is rubber tube, the pinion shaft home brew running in a standard axle bearing/bush.

The 250P is hard on the heels of the 166.


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