Sunday, 16 May 2010

A new tool.

By this evening with a bit of luck, the Zagato should be finished and ready to go to the casting
guys. The glazing pieces should be formed this evening after some very minor fettling to the formers. This time around i’m going to be using 15 thou clear sheet as I felt that the 10 thou was much too flimsy and made trimming difficult. As long as my source is reliable, i’ll be sticking with the thicker material.
One feature and probably it's most recognisable, is the flash across the side vent. This is made from 10 thou litho plate, cut to size and polished and sits in a cut in the body either side of the vent. My excisting razor saw has a blade much too wide to reach the very end of the slots. So after a little head scratching, the solution was found in Hobbycraft. 36 piercing blades of three grades for not much money. A length of and an inch and a half was snipped off and placed in a pin vice. And it works. Final touches this evening and then it's just a matter of waiting.

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