Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A quandary

Some on here know that my passion in cars is for some vintage and the wonderfully eclectic sports/ racing cars of the 50s and 60s.

As I've owned a few in my time, I thought it was about time I made some.
Now I like to make masters from which kits are made, but I can hardly dictate what my clients do, so the quandary I get all mucked up with the rubber and resin and all that stinking frantic process or make one-offs?
Well a one off has to be in balsa or vac form otherwise it's too heavy. I hate balsa wood for all the normal reasons. And I don't know of a vac former round here, so it looks like resin is the only answer, dammit!

Anyway, in the meantime, I still have to make the masters. I AM doing a balsa Trident, but I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it is NOT viable as the glass area is too big for a fragile balsa model. I'll soldier on with it just to see if an aluminium top half might be possible as a strengthener.
For the other models I plan, it will be masters all the way.

My own Trident Venturer V6

An Elva Mk III in bare aluminium

The very cute Unipower GT, Mini powered from the back
The absolutely gorgeous Rejo Mk 3/4 of 1959. EVEN prettier than a Lola Mk1

That should keep me busy and I'll probably document the builds on here, with Graham's permission.


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