Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hurg with the right wheels

With the louvres being cut out and refitted four or five times, i'm reasonably happy with them now and the few bubbles that appeared in the first cast have been sorted. So it's ready to go to be vacuum cast.Some weeks ago I was contacted by the editor of the HRG Society gazette who asked me if I could do a little write up on the development of the model. I duly obliged and a copy of the gazette arrived yesterday. They have been most helpful as far as history and detail of the car and one of the questions I asked was the size of the wheels. As i've mentioned in previous posts the wheels fitted were totally incorrect as far as pattern and size went. So just before it goes off to have the two part mould made, I thought i'd fit a set of 18 inchers made by Peter Seager-Thomas.
Apparently both 16 and 18 inch wheels were fitted to the Aero and I must say that the difference in having the right wheels on any model can make a huge difference. Very vintage in appearance and very skinny. Just how they should be.
I hope the next time I show it will be the final version and ready to go on sale. It's certainly looking very much the part. Form an orderly queue here! As ever, by clicking on the photo, you'll get a bigger image. Well worth it.

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