Thursday, 21 April 2011

More on the GT

Well i've been offline for around three weeks due to a malware attack on my PC. Twice in seven days! I managed to sort it the first time around but the second attack pretty much wiped out everything. Photographs, artwork for the photo etched parts, documents, the lot. So I had no alternative than to let a specialist have the machine and sort it all out. Luckily he managed to retrieve everything I thought i'd lost which is a huge relief.
The GT is now more or less as I want it although the PC problem has causes a little setback. One more cast part to make then everything can go off to be produced. The bumpers have been re-profiled as the constant polishing had thinned out the lobes at each end. The glazing formers are all done and each window fits very snugly apart from the rear screen. This for some strange reason is coming out with too much of a curve which at the moment i'm struggling to understand why. The dreaded headlamp covers turned out to be fairly easy to make this time round and fitted at the first attempt.
Decals for this one are also proving to be a problem as the guy who's been making them for me up till now has decided he does'nt want to carry on and he's not even answering emails. Oh well

The plan is to produce the kit in two versions. The 1959 Le Mans car which had scoops around the brake cooling ducts and an air inlet on the front offside wing just forward of the door. The other veriosn will be a road/race car with decals for the two Essex Racing Stable cars, 17 and 18 TVX. The colours for all of them of course are a source of mystery as ever, but they will all be varying shades of green. What esle did you expect?

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