Thursday, 28 April 2011

An unusual one. A Mallock U2 Mk18 by M.R.Field

A while back I wondered about doing a model of a Clubmans' Formula car. I love the idea of a front engined racing car and I'm a complete "clubby" racing fan.
I phoned Mallock asking for leading dimensions of a Mk 18, the most numerous Mk. of U2 and was immediately asked if I'd make a model for Ray Mallock's 60th birthday. I was delighted to help them out.
I made the majority of the master from 60 thou. plasticard given to me by a customer as offcuts.
I then did the usual mouldmaking and moulding in resin, just slush moulding.
The model needed to be a working one so I made a brass chassis for it and used an HO type motor.
I used a Scalextric guide as Ray's track is Scalex in his loft. It seems he's a real slot car nut! Not bad for a Le Mans winner and famed preparer of racing teams.

The final model with special bits added to make it a model of Ray's actual car was collected by Richard Mallock and his wife on two Triumph motorcycles. Now that's style!

I hope this model should encourage people to make unusual stuff. At least it can be run on your home track with nobody telling you otherwise.

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