Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Last wheel requests.

With both Mercedes/Auto Union and ERA wheels sold out and Talbot Lago and Alfetta almost half subscribed, more time is being spent considering how to complete the project to my satisfaction.
One more fret is under way, with the etching work likely to take place in January/February. This will be the difficult lot, with a combination of low appeal items (21" vintage types) through an even smaller number of limited types which I expect to be snapped up prior to production, through to a number of high interest items which will work or will be a waste of time and money. A second bash at cross laced wheels will begin once a new set of forming tools has been made to see itf the etches will stretch enough.

Also next year will be a last fret,combining the best selling types, so effectively, those which have not done so well will be laid to rest, and only the more popular types continued.

These final type wheels should all have tyres available. Tyres should be 16" for ERA, 18" for Talbot Lago/Alfetta, 19" skinnies and 21" vintage. More on this as this part of the project develops.


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