Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wheels, rejected and embraced...

The recently introduced 16"Borrani wheels have done rather better than expected. Originally made for the 300S Maserati, they are inevitably correct for a number of other cars, though the one below is not one of them.

The Ferrari TR 59/60 should indeed have wheels similar to the above, but not quite the same. All wheels should be cross laced, the rears not noticably so, whereas the fronts should have a row of spokes anchored into the outer wheel rim. Still, not far off.

The recent tyre venture, whilst having proven a 100% success performance wise, is being cut back due to the labour involved. Existing purchasers of these tyres will continue to supplied.

Recent continued experimental wheels are a continued drain and are thus likely to cease, therefore the proposed Alfa 2900 wheel, due to expense and complexity, will be limited to the few sets made.

The present range of wheels will probably reach its' peak (30 different wheels) in the present year, after which production will be cut back to certainly no more than 10, readily available.


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