Wednesday, 28 March 2012

1:24 Formula racing

Last weekend the new season of "Classic Formula Days" started in Düsseldorf.
This 1:24-slotracing series is dedicated to the midengine formula racing cars of the sixties.
The series is divided into two classes: "Formula 65" and "Formula 70".
In formula 65 the 1:1 model must have been build until 1965, in formula 70 until 1970.
Formula- and Indy-cars are allowed.

I liked to start the season 2012 with two new cars and builded a Lotus 29 Indycar for the 65-class:

and a Ferrari 312 1966 for the 70-class:

(note: the cars don´t have to be exact copies of the 1:1-model,  so I use my freedom as artist...)

Bodys are resin, chassis is the SOLID formula chassis, FOX-motor, tires in front: material is free, rear tires are Sigma black magic-tires.


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