Monday, 19 March 2012

Bugatti number 25

Some 5 years ago I started to build a series of Bugattis, all based on the Airfix kit and a purpose made chassis. The last one was completed a couple of weeks ago and was tested/raced over the weekend to see if the sums were right. This is the first car of what I hope will be an increasing number which are retained and used for racing.

The chassis is a modified version of that used for all cars built. 16 gauge aluminium is heat treated and beaten over a steel buck, providing the 'canvas' to which various parts may be added. The SCX motor was added for the hell of it, but actually works quite well. The axle runs in brass bushes, with the highly modified MRRC guide pivoted in a similar way.

The wheels are fully machined Airfix originals with Scalextric tyres at the front and urethane at the rear.

The first 'official' car in the stable, suitable companions are expected over the next few years.


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