Thursday, 8 April 2010

I guess some advertising is better than no advertising and I suppose advertising in a publication which concentrates on the subject we're all so fond of, I think I should be very content. It's going to be an interesting excursion none the less.
The Zagato is now looking downright lovely. It appears that i've captured the overall proportions and the side on profile is I think, pretty convincing. The lamp covers are progressing, albiet slowly. The shape of the covers is quite misleading. From one angle they seem to follow the wingline down over the lamp. From other angles there's a distinct bubble. Mr Zagato was famous for his "double bubble", usually placing them on the roof as in some Lancias. Maybe this is where he put them on the DB4 GT. The picture above shows the nearside rear arch sans flare. I do prefer it this way, but it will be added before moulding. Graham.

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