Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Classic and Sportscar magazine

Just to see if there would be a comment coming from the guys who contribute and edit C & SC, I sent a few photographs of the Astons. I had a reply from Mick Walsh no less. Editor in chief of said publication. He's asked me to go to their offices with a selection of completed models for them to do a proper job on them. The idea being that they do a little feature on them in the next few months.
On the Zagato front things are finally coming together. The shape just oozes flair and I hope i've managed to capture at least some of the fullsize. One of the final jobs is to create the headlamp cover formers. This is one area I find awkward to say the least. But persever we must. I hope to have them finished very soon as I want to see the "glass" formed and fitted before the body gets stuffed with wax and goes to mould.
My photographic buddy Si, who is an absolute natural when it comes to handling and shooting a camera, advised me recently on gaining a better depth of field. "Oh, just **** about with it". Hmm. With what though?? Anyway i've been doing plenty of ****** about and eventually found what I was looking for. The ideal shot should be from below the car and as close as is practicable.
So I set the camera to macro mode and focused manually. The focus was set just behind the front offside headlamp. Then open the aperture right up. Here's the shot. Graham.

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