Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Odd problem!

Whilst the Zagato overall is looking pretty sexy and getting closer and closer to moulding, a very strange problem has reared it's head. Virtually all the marks, blemishes etc. have now been eradicated and the final coat of primer was sprayed on this afternoon, with the idea of a top coat of paint going on to give a good finish. I have no idea why, but the primer decided to shrink. So after flatting off I tried again and the same thing happened. So after flatting off for a third time and another coat of primer, the problem persists. I'm aware that there is a certain amount of shrinkage with this product, but on such a small item I did'nt think it would happen. But the really odd thing about this is that it keeps happening in the same spot. Right on the bonnet.

It really is very annoying and I just can't get my head round it. The only thing I can think of is that there must be some contamination underneath the coating. Otherwise the bodyshape and details are looking very pleasing. The brake ducts have been added which were made from short lenghts of ali tube gently squashed in a pair of snipe nosed pliers. I'm not that keen on them but as with the flares to the rear arches, they can be sanded off the resin cast, if required. The spot lamps are from FPF Models and are the same as those in the Lotus Elite body kit. One area that i've constanly had a problem with from day one is vacuum forming. Some days all goes well and others, I wish I had'nt bothered. Creases appear right across the required section rendering the piece completely scrap. So a few changes here and there, including adding a couple of stops to the corners of the vac box, a change of material ( I have no idea what it is!) and slightly less heat. The result is now complete success, and no scrap. The first test pieces were fitted to the body master yesterday to make sure the gap around the glazing pattern was ok. They're not bad, with just a very slight alteration required to make them completely snug. A few "bubbles" appeared but i'm sure that's just down to not warming the patterns before starting to form. I'm sure they will improve. Hopefully I can get the rubber poured tomorrow with a view to casting the first body over the weekend. I can't wait! Graham.

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