Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ferrari 250P

Two down, one to go.

A long study of a large number of pictures suggests that the Monogram 275P Ferrari is in fact a 250P, rear air intakes being rather different.
The Monogram model, like the Gowland/Revell one is well moulded with sharp detail, if not totally accurate.
This car was yet another to try out new/varied wheel ideas. The wheeels are modelled after the MRRC Clubman style, with wheel flanges like early Revell and Monogram, rather than the central rib used today. The tyres are MRRC Clubman, stretched by about a millimetre. Etches are from PP, the knock-ons came with the kit. One of the many jobs lined up is the Borrani 3 eared knock-on nut. The one on this model is far too chunky, and I'll bet it is identical to the Monogram 1/24 scale Ferrari.

The last of the trio is the Monza, relegated to the loft as 'not yet wanted', and calling me continuously.


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