Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ferrari again....

Dave, the liklihood of a line up is a long way off as both 166 and 250 are being Ebayed!
As with a lot of cars I make, I do more than one. When Jersey John was flogging off all his old Airfix and MRRC stuff I bought several of the 250's, a few have been sold with 'experimental' wheels, I have two more to sell, one to keep and one to modify into a sharknose 248P, which I will also keep.

I have two more of the 166's, one to sell, one to keep, both will be built as the '49 Le Mans car.

The Monza I was going to sell (I bought 2) but since I saw your Hawthorn car I will probably keep both, one as the Goodwood car and one as a Le Mans car.
Most of the cars I am completing at the moment have a 'wheel' connection, playing around with the bits I have, making new parts etc. The Monza is no exception, with the umpteenth experimental wheel shown below.

It is not exactly accurate, but better than most. A close look will show that it is in fact cross laced and a fair 'representation' of the original. This winters' wheel project will be a few new types together with more 'etches to play with'. The wheel above uses spokes intended for experimentation from the first fret I had done.


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