Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Final stages.

The Zagato is almost there. The first pre-production cast arrived from Griffin Moulds and i'm happy to report that it's fine. Griffins main work involves producing figures and models for the war gaming market and the resin they normally use is filled with aluminium powder. This is fine for solid items such as figures, but not alas for slot car bodyshells. The material proved to be a little brittle resulting in the pillars breaking very easily. More experimentation without the aluminium powder produced the shell below. The detail is all there and it's as crisp as I could wish for. The artwork for the photo etched parts took some doing. Most of the parts are flat apart from the screen trim, which took some fathoming out. I began by attempting to form the trim from litho plate, but working a flat piece into a three dimensional item created so much frustration that I gave up on the idea. After a little head scratching, I used a self adhesive label. On the master and with the screen former in place, the label was placed and smoothed out. Then with a sharp scalpel blade the shape was cut out. It was then quite a simple task to scan it into Corel Draw and trace it in the usual way. I am so very much looking forward to seeing it with paint and all dressed up, ready to go racing.

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