Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Preety car.

The DB4 is looking quite splendid although progress is slow as ever. In fact due to a PC bug, things slowed down to a snails pace for a while, but i'm glad to report the bug has been squashed and things are pretty much back to normal. Although there are still a few niggling little things to sort before the mould is taken, giving it a coat of paint gives me an idea of what's left to do. Primer doesn't really show up the faults, but a nice gloss coat certainly does. Plus the fact that a little bit of self gratification now and again is good for the spirit. I think the shape is now good although the offside front wing might need a little touch as it's top line is still a little rounded. From the "a" post to a point directly above the front wheel there should be more or less a straight line. The lower photograph shows clearly that it's still a slight curve to it. The arches need a little work to get the profiles right and of course the marks on the insides need to be smoothed off and finished. The front three quarter picture below captures the car perfectly, even If I do say so myself. Afterall, I am by biggest critic, but when something is right, I do like to say so. On the moulding front, I can see some problems and potential air traps. The bonnet scoop for one and the recesses for the rear lamps could cause problems. The only way I can see to get round these are to drill very small holes where the air might get trapped and then fill them before I hand the first cast over to Griffin. Where there's a will, there's a way. (or a queue of relatives!)

The colour was chosen as it made a change from green and the car shown to the public at Earls Court in 1959 was actually painted Pale Primrose. The reflection running down the side of the car is particularly pleasing, showing that all the "panels" are in line. The registration plate is not a road registered number as far as know, but the code given to the car during development. DP standing for Development Project.
The blog itself seems to be proving popular. We have been mentioned on the Twitter pages of Electric Dreams over in the States and also by Danni O'Laisips Brake Hard blog. Thanks guys.

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