Sunday, 10 October 2010

1/24th scale DB5

Our friend Pit over in Germany has been at it again. Prolific just isn't the word. I wonder if he actually finds time to go to work? Anyway this time round, a beautifully executed DB5. Based on the Doyusha kit from some years back, Pit has carried out some major surgery on this one. He must have, as it certainly did not look like this straight out of the box.I know. I bought one! Everything about this model is just glorious. The detailing, the finish and those very expensive looking wheels. Pit tells me that the wire wheels are actually hand made by a friend of his and I believe every spoke is individual. The cost of a set of these very fine rims, I just cannot reveal. You might choke on your tea if I tell you.

The photo etched bits, Pit had made specially for this model and I think they finish it off. The superleggera flash on the bonnet is a well known feature of Aston Martins of the sixties. It pays homage to the designers build principals, with superleggera, translated from Italian to English meaning "super lightweight". Hmm, i'm not too sure where they actually got that from as these things are seriously heavy!
Beauty with substance perhaps. We look forward to seeing the next masterpiece Pit!

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