Friday, 1 October 2010

Even more wheels.....

A few more experiments to cater for a few long delayed projects. The image below shows the two latest efforts, neither being strictly correct but both likely to do their job better than anything else I can find.
To the left is a wheel to go on the SSKL Mercedes from Matchbox. The real thing had 21" wheels (one of my next projects) whilst the one shown is 19". The three etches used are from the Borrani wheel with special wheel parts made to suit. This wheel is 4.5mm wide, but the car will probably end up with 5mm width wheels. The nut is a composite using one of my whitemetal nuts with a separate machined hub. The ears look a bit big at present.
To the right is a wheel to go on my Slot Classic Testa Rossa. Made up with a set of my experimental etches, they verge on being almost correct. The spokes are cross laced, whilst the correct pattern Borrani wheel nuts are of course handed and cast in pewter.
The image below is another of the SSKL wheel. Unlike the 15" and 18" wheels in their standard form, there is a separate spacer between the single outer etch and the twin inner etches, which makes for a total of 9 parts.

The above wheel, in yet a different form again, will probably end up on a T35A Bugatti. I will probably have a batch of 19" rims made together with other spoke combinations.


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