Thursday, 18 November 2010

Lotus 25

This has to be my favourite slot car of all time, plus it has to be the prettiest Formual 1 car ever put on four wheels. The combination of the Lotus 25 and Jim Clark are forever etched in my mind, for as a young lad of around eight years old, most weeks I heard that both car and driver had won a Grand Prix somewhere in the world. Of course it was only later in life that I actually appreciated what the Lotus 25 stood for. Coming from the ever inovative mind of Colin Chapman, it was such a breakthrough in monocoque design. The added stiffness over the old spaceframe gave the car such sure footed handling, that in the hands of Mr Clark, it was pretty much unbeatable.
The model was built by David Lawson whos models have their own signiature. Beautifully built, using a Dave Jones shell, this particular car represents the very earliest 25. All the suspension detail was fabricated by David as were the exhaust pipes and inlet trumpet detail. A lovely paint finish, with the correct livery/colour and some very nice cockpit detail, again all done very correctly. The wheel and tyre combination are just about right, with nothing on the car being over-done.
The picture below shows the simplicity of the chassis, with some of the suspension components attached. I think the model follows the fullsize cars build ethos in being beautifully crafted, but simple in it's design.
It's another of those creations that I can just look at for hours on end and never tire of what I see. The pictures have been "borrowed" from David, although i'm sure he won't mind at all that i've shown them here. I'm now looking forward to seeing his BRM 25 finished and hopefully in the flesh! Again I suggest that you click on the photo's for a closer look. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I like this car very much! Very fine details and the chassis is extraordinary.

    Next year I will try to organize one or two race events with these 1500cc-cars here in the Bonn-Cologne-area.