Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New project: Stromlinie!

Peter, my older cars have to wait to be shown.
First I would like to release my next project here in this blog, before I will open a thread in the 1:32 Scratchbuilt Slotcar Forum.
I love the prewar-racing cars so much! Last entrance was the "Auto-Union Stromlinienlimousine", a Dave-Jones bodyshell. Last entrance, but first built....
The Auto-Union saloon car placed several speed records in 1935, using the autostradas of Lucca and Firenze, the "place to go in spring" for test-drivers and recordbrakers in Europe those days.
A contemporary picture shows this car (source: "Auto Union V16 supercharged", Ian Bamsey, Haynes Publishing).

Compared to this pic, the Dave jones body was to long and, compared to another pic, not wide enough. I had to shorten and to widen it.

That is the difference / first step: body shortened

The status quo: bodywork is done, paintjob is done, driver was made and painted, chassis is built.

Chassis and body are "married"now. Will show the ready car soon...


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  1. Well done Taffy, i look forward to seeing the Forum post.