Saturday, 6 November 2010

Well, the last of the Bugs have now gone, with number 20 below. It was only when this (commissioned) car was all but complete that I realised it was the 1929 Williams Monaco car, thus the headgear and other clothing should be a little different.

And this is number 24, racing in German colours, driver unknown.

I still have three unfinished cars, two of which were development cars, the third just got sidestepped when I couldn't at the time get around a problem. The problem was solved on number 17, so all will be finished off one day.

Soon the computer and AutoCAD will take over my life for a while, so no new finished cars for a while.

Unless I buy one and just have to get on with it....


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  1. I like these very small, original-looking tires!
    Who might the german Bugatti driver be?
    You can find a (complete?) list here: