Sunday, 21 November 2010

Silver paint, try this one.

Paint finishes on models are immediately a problem once metallics come into the equation. Coloured metallics I have not quite figured out, but for silver, I have a recommendation.

The oft maligned Humbrol do an aluminium paint no.27002. This is one of their 'Metalcote' colours. I have tried the 'steel' from the range, it works. When buffed up it looks just like bare steel. The aluminium simply does not do this, but is excellent as a 'scale' silver paint.

I used this with an airbrush, thinned with their own ENAMEL thinners and it worked a treat. The next stage will be a coat of silver on a body, with a coat of enamel paint/laquer mix to see how it comes out. Just like prototype polychromatic stuff, but I think gold was the preferred base coat.


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  1. Hi Peter,

    for surfaces like polished aluminium I combine chrome effect spray (from a can) with a coating of "Bodenglänzer" i.e. "Pledge" or "Kleer". The "Bodenglänzer" makes the protective coat and reduces the gloss of the chrome spray to an original looking silk gloss.
    Like this, I painted my Napier Railton and my Auto-Union