Sunday, 23 October 2011

A bit more Austin Twin Cam

Whilst efforts are still being concentrated on trying to complete work on the latest wheels, some time is found to work on cars.

The first ERA is now running, but this post is concerned with the GTM Austin Seven Twin Cam.

(All ERA wheels are now spoken for).

Much progress has been made with a running car likely within the next few days. I have two cars under construction, one using the original motor arrangement, the other using a fabricated brass chassis and a small Mabuchi SA 030 motor in an effort to permit more driver detail.

The image below shows the car with the front axle nearing completion. The brake backplates are a first for me, as one who has only embraced GP etc 'open wheelers' since I started making wheels for them. The backplates should actually be almost flush with the inner edge of the wheel, but a now abandoned thought of using the same wheel centres as the ERA made this impossible. The A7 will now have a dedicated wheel centre to permit flush fitting. No rear backplates have been attempted.

The picture below gives an idea of the completed wheels. Those for the real cars were made by Borrani. The wheels are a three row type, with each row comprising 18 spokes.

This is the second wheel type to be made with brake drums. The drums are pierced and as such would provide three benefits. additional cooling would be provided, the unsprung weight would be reduced and the rotating mass would be reduced, improving both accelaration and braking.

The drums are made in the same 0.006" stainless steel as the spokes. The tyres are G.P.Miniature urethane types. These wheels, together with those for the Alfa are the most involved to date with each wheel comprising 4 x turned aluminium parts, 4 x etched parts and one cast part, together with the two etched backplates and a pair of fixing screws.

It is expected that the cost will be held down to £24 per set. Contact through Slot Forum and the present thread on ERA, Austin Seven Twin Cam and Talbot Lago, scratchbuild section.


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