Monday, 24 October 2011


Well it's been a while since I posted anything new on here, in fact it's been months since I posted anything at all. One of the main reasons is that I had a fairly large order from Germany for twenty RTR Zagatos which of course takes time to complete. The order was for nine competition cars with the remainder being road versions. This meant that the rear arch flares that took four attempts to get right, have had to be removed. Not as easy a task as it sounds. Anyway things are progressing nicely .
As far as new stuff goes I have posted some photographs here of an unusual subject. Maybe not to everybodies taste but the 1964 Maserati Mistral is a striking shape. The body is based on an old Stabocar shell that I obtained from a dealer In Essen, Germany. Being of German manufacture the dimensions are pretty much on the button, but it did seem to suffer from shrinkage in one or two areas. The bonnet area being particularly poor.

So after stripping down the shell and a thoroughly good roughing up with an abrasive paper. the usual filling and flatting eventually produced a shape that i'm quite pleased with. With just minor details to attend to now, such as the blending of the waistline and a further build up of the bonnet bulge, hopefully I can get the master ready for moulding.


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