Saturday, 15 October 2011


The finished prototype parts.

The format of the wheels is much the same as the earlier 15" and 18" wheels, insomuch as they are quite simple, consisting of just rim, wheel centre, 2 x etches and a conical hub.

Production has been speeded up with the manufacture of modified tooling reducing the time taken to form the etches, and thus unless the cost of turned parts has increased greatly over the last year, a cost of just £20 per set in kit form is hoped for.

These wheels are built up in what has now become a standard procedure. all parts are painter prior to assembly, then to ensure true running, the parts are assembled using a drill press to apply pressure to the parts prior to and during gluing.

Front and rear wheels are pretty well identical except that the wider rear wheels have outer rims 1mm wider than those on the front. The rear wheel centres on this car have standard grub screw fitting, whereas the fronts, which incorporate brake drum detail, as designed to be glued in place.

Centres are interchangable.

Wheels for the Austin Twin Cam are now being painted, whilst machining on the Talbot Lago wheels will be completed over the weekend.

Next up will be more Borrani wheels, this time pricipally for the Alfetta.


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