Sunday, 28 March 2010

Zagato Arches

The Zagato is rapidly approaching the finish line. At long last. The shortening of the body at the rear has made a massive difference and it now looks very much like the short, stubby, ugly toad it should be. The bootlid line needed to be moved forward along with the rearward window line and the front screen has been altered to give it more rake. The filler caps have been set into the rear wings and with a touch more fettling will look ok. They really did take some doing!
The final addition to the completed shape is the flares to the rear wheel arches. It seems only the competition cars had this feature and although I prefer the car without them, I think they're going to be added anyway. I think they spoil the shape of the rear wings somewhat, but if they should be there, then they're going to be there.

Hopefully the artwork can be completed for the photo etched stuff this week. I need to make templates for the window surrounds so that everything is trimmed as it should be. Litho plate will be used for these templates as it's so easy and quick to shape. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished off and painted. As this is one of my own creations totally from scratch, I might throw a party when it's done. You're all invited of course! Graham.

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