Sunday, 20 February 2011


Being the shortest of all the road cars, with five inches missing from the mid section of the chassis and body, the GT isn't the easiest of shapes to capture.

The standard DB4 in it's early form was probably the most balanced and elegant of all the Touring bodied cars.

The GT by comparison is a little stunted and doesn't quite have the flow of the longer bodies. But it's still a stunning shape.

Rear three quarter views are very pleasing but the frontal treatment is giving me a hard time.
The original shape has something of a sweptback look, no doubt to exagerate it's performance.

I think that look is now starting to appear, but it needs patience and constant minor changes to extract it.

Other little changes required include the lobes on the ends of each bumper. A little too bulbous in length, but due to continual polishing they've lost a bit in depth. I'll re-profile these with the addition of a little milliput and a jewellers file before they go for re-casting.

It's close! Graham.

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