Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hurg first cast.

The first cast of the HRG came out a few days ago and it needs more work. The side louvres have moved at some point. Probably the fact that I didn't cement them in place prior to filling with modelling paste and constant handling caused the lower louvre on each side to be pushed in a few thou. Not a lot but enough to spoil the thing some what. No doubt this has caused a few bubbles on the upper edges of the louvres. The only way to rectify this is to cut them out and refit them. The tile spacers that make up the louvres are made of a hardish plastic and seem a little tricky to shape. I'll be taking a mould of some of these spacers with a view to re-producing them in resin which will be much easier to shape and trim.
Overal the shape of the car is very pleasing. Panel lines have turned out nice and sharp and most of the detail is good. The spats also need a little work allowing them to fit with a much closer gap.

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