Thursday, 10 February 2011

Gathering of the Clans

I was running this build in the Slot forum, but putting pictures up there is a pain and all the backslapping can get a bit tiresome, so I thought I'd join in with the other proper scratchbuilders on here.The roof had been glued on last time on SF and since then I have filled the windscreen and side window apertures with Milliput and shaped the glass areas up. Unless I do this I can't be sure the final aperture shape will be right when I come to make the vac-form patterns for the glass areas.

I also couldn't resist cutting out those weird dips where the Clan's headlights go.
I still need to shorten the roof slightly which will also enable the b-pillars to be fined down a bit.
The value of pear wood is shown here by the very sharp edges that can be held and the fact that the panel lines have been cut in exactly the same way I would engrave CIBATool/Renshape carving block, which I will use next time to show it's use. Pity CIBATool is a bit pricey, though.

Only once the main body is finally shaped and its typical GRP edges radii put on can I put on a pre-made back window area because it is equally recessed all the way round and it would be very difficult to carve in a recess, when it could just be prefabricated, set in and just cleaned up.

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