Thursday, 10 February 2011

More on the Aero

Well a slight delay in taking the mould of the Hurg has resulted in a little bit of history popping up from no less than the HRG Society. Don Courtney, the editor of the HRG Gazette, contacted me requesting a little feature on the model for their magazine, which i'm more than happy to do. There's no better people to talk to than those who have an intimate knowledge of any subject, and in the case of the Aero, Don and a gentleman by the name of Ian Dussek have been very helpful. A request for any information regarding colours, details and any available competition history has been met with quite a lot of enthusiasm and the recent email recieved from Ian threw up a lot of interesting points. The fact that the competition cars were all painted a shade of British Racing Green comes as no real surprise but some of the details i'd added to the model proved to be incorrect. Seperate side lights for example just never happened and the boot lid handle was never on the car either. The boot release mechanism was an internal afair. So some very slight mods to make before I take a mould, but nothing major. The photographs show the model painted up in what I thought it might be. More of a Moss green than BRG, but it shows the shape well. The aluminium strip has been added to the hood to give the impression of the stitching and once a rough coat of paint has been applied, hopefully it should have the fabric look and I can take a mould of that too.

In the next day or so, i'm hoping that the quarter bumpers have been cast and that I can make some headway with production.

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